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Product: L005M Striped Armor
Wayne Hallewell, United Kingdom

Purchased the armor for my fancy dress wedding and was i impressed. Tosh was great and very helpful. The armor arrived in great condition(all the way to good old blighty no less)and fits like a glove. Tosh,that a good-un thee(as they say in yorkshire speak)


Robata JINYA West Hollywood
8050 W.3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States

SASABUNE sushi restaurant
1417 S King St, Honolulu,

Unkai Japanese Restaurant

Product#: C008

Bushido Bahrain
Building Nr 52, Road 38, Block 428,
Seef Area، Jidhafs,

Odawara, Japan

Himeji, Japan

Bar Ryujin
Ginza, Tokyo

Product#: WA9 Sanada Yukimura Premium


The Westin Bonaventure Los Angeles 
United States

Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco 
United States

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ANA InterContinental Tokyo 

Westin  Los Angeles 

Miura,  Japan 
Product: L015 Sakura Armor



Nagasaki, Japan

L027 Yamamoto Kansuke's Armor

L037 Dou-Gen Armor

Ginza, Tokyo
L027 Yamamoto Kansuke's Armor

Shinjuku, TOKYO
Sanada Yukimura Heritage Reproduction



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Yamamoto Kansuke's armor
LS11 Tokugawa Ieyasu's armor
L033D suit of armor

Moscow, Russia
L061 Sanada Yukimura (Best-Seller)

Hiroshima, Japan
L061 Sanada Yukimura (Best-Seller)

Bangkok, Thailand

Azabu, Tokyo

Aoyama, Tokyo
LS16 Mitake Armor II

Himeji, Japan

Nagano, Japan
Product: L004 Armor


Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan
L061 Sanada Yukimura Armor (red)

Brussels, Belgium (Belgie)

Osaka, Japan
Toyotomi Hideyoshi Reproduction


Mt. Fuji, Japan
L061 Sanada Yukimura


Tokyu Hands Shibuya, Tokyo
LS07 Akane Armor

Armours Purchased for Events

Osaka Night Revolution, Japan

The Port of Sakata, Japan
Costa Cruises "Samurai Try-on"

Sekigahara village government, Japan

Hamamatsu, Japan

Wayne Hallewell, United Kingdom

Roma, Italy



Saitama, Japan

Samurai Armors On TV, Films & Magazines

Asahi Super Dry Beer Commercial

TV Commercial, Hong Kong

History Magazine


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