Sanada Yukimura at Bar Hamilton Ryujin GINZA

One of the most high-class life-size armors from our "heritage reproduction" lineup, Sanada Yukimura Heritage Reproduction (WA09) is proudly on display at an Exclusive Bar The Hamilton Ryujin, Ginza Tokyo.

As you can inspire from the name Ryujin, draron god, this bar has the concept of "Japanese hospitality"  and its spatial design features the ancient warrior era. The life-size suit of red armor on the "built-in" display at the entrance of this mysterious fort could be just a gatekeeper to welcome those who want to share the quality relaxing moment being escaped from the bustling metropolitan night.

Thank you and enjoy our product.

The Hamilton Ryujin 龍神
8-4-2 Ginza, Buiding 6F
Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Product: SANADA YUKIMURA Heritage Reproduction