Be A Samurai Experience In Tokyo ROPPONGI

Try on the Authentic Samurai Armor In Roppongi!
A very special "Samurai Try-on Experience" will be proudly offered at Samurai Store Roppongi Showbooth on Friday, April-5, 2019. You can try on the whole suit of authentic iron armor that is 100% handcrafted in Japan as shown in Japanese samurai movie. This experience will be offered by our professional bilingual staffs who work with movie and TVs. 

Under the Falling Sakura Blossoms...
In Central Tokyo, sakura blossoms expect to start to fall in the first week of April... So, can't imagine how cool to wear the armor and walk in shedding petals rain at metropolitan Tokyo.

Cherish Your Samurai Moment in Tokyo Midtown area.
Be sure to take camera for this experience. After having an armor worn by a professional staff, you will have 15 minutes free walking and photo shooting with an armor. You'll never forget the memories you make with our armor.
Friday, April 5th
1:00pm - 7:00pm


Samurai Store Roppongi Store
1F Tachihara Hardware Store
(Tokyo Midtown Intersection
7-13-1 Roppongi, Minato-Ku Tokyo
Other side of Tokyo MidTown


JPY 3000 / person
Special Promotion!
JPY 2000 for the first 10 persons!


How Long
20 minutes / person
5 minutes for wearing,
15 minutes free walking and photo shooting

Walking around Tokyo Midtown will be great if weather permits. 


How To Join
No Reservations Required!
All walk-ins are welcomed to have this experience.


Contact us at for any inquiry.
Come visit us at Tokyo Roppongi Store on April-5