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Life Size Iron Samurai Mask MEMPO

Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN

Completion Time: 2-3 weeks

Handcrafted samurai Mempo mask produced by skillful artisans from Kagemitsu armory, the one of the most reputable and oldest samurai armor manufacturer in Japan. Principle parts of this set are made of iron. Finished with beautiful Kebiki-Odoshi or hair-spread over lacing on the iron neck guard. The mustache is made of deer hair. Nose is removable. Comes with an adjustable strap.

Product Dimensions:
Appx. 18cm x H30cm x D10cm (without strap)
Made In Japan

Color Scheme:

Black lacquered painting
Dack Blue main braid lacing
Red edge lacing
Sesame accent lacing

*We do custom color order upon request.
We would be happy to provide you with the option of changing the color scheme of the lacquer finishes and/or braid lacings of your mask.

We at Samurai Store, Inc. know that true Samurai fans could never be satisfied with the inferior, mass-produced armors that come out of many parts of the world. That is why we only offer authentic, life-sized, wearable Samurai armours and helmets that are 100% handcrafted in Japan by skilled craftsmen.100% Handcrafted in Japan by the world's preeminent Samurai Armor manufacturer. Each suit of armor is modeled after examples found in museums, private collections, temples, shrines, hidden storehouses of Samurai clans and other historical sources. All pieces are painstakingly handcrafted by experienced artisans, using authentic methods and materials.

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