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Statue - Sanada Yukimura Figure on Stone Wall KS010

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Product#: KS-010
Art Statue - Sanada Yukimura riding on Horse w/ Stone Wall
Sold by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
Delivery Time: 4-7 days (DHL express worldwide)


Brand new handcrafted polystone statue of the warlord Sanada Yukimura.
Limited production to 100 pieces.

We commissioned Mr. Hiromichi Miura, an advisor to The Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor, to research the details of armor used by Yukimura Sanada, a Japanese samurai warrior of the Sengoku period. This resulted in our being able to manufacture a historically accurate and faithful polystone reproduction of Sanada.

Sanada is shown, in a typical warrior’s fighting pose. Historical fact shows Sanada was suffering from exhaustion at the end of his life. However, he is riding on the horse and holding on to the cross-shaped spear to the very end in the battle without any fear, Sanada‘s striking pose represents the spirit of this famous warrior about to die in the way of the samurai.This statue shows Sanada, sitting atop his horse, as the lead general at the start of the summer campaign during the Siege of Osaka. After 14 long years in exile following the Battle of Sekigahara, under orders from Hideyoshi, Sanada was finally able to go into battle and fulfill his duty as a samurai warrior. He died on the battlefield.

Sanada’s armor has been replicated down to the finest detail, and the colors meticulously reproduced down to the smallest variation. The armor and the battle surcoat are painted in a Japanese form of red scarlet. Also, special attention has been given to other materials like the iron, leather, and cloth used for the armor, the horses and the use of different textures of stone. All have been skillfully painted by our artisans.

With its delicate and vivid color representation, the detail modeling gives the statue a vibrant realism that almost bestows it a life of its own. For the last 20 years’ , Kensin Co., LTD has continually led the way in researching and recreation of samurai warrior figures from the Sengoku Period of Warring States. We are the only company with the specialist knowhow to excel in creating products to these exacting quality standards. 


Dimensions: H210×W160×D110mm (w/ the base and spear)
Principal Material: Polystone 
Net Weight: 590 grams
Comes with: English Instructions


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