Hanging Scroll PaintingThe Battle of Vanguard at the Uji-gawa River - Kakejiku F016

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Original Painting
KAKEJIKU Zen Hanging Scroll
Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
Delivery Time: 5-10 days

The Battle of Vanguard at the Uji-gawa River
The Battle of Uji-gawa River was a battle that took place in January 1184, at the end of Heian period, between Yoshinaka Minamoto, and Noriyori Minamoto and Yoshitsune Minamoto who were dispatched by Yoshitomo Minamoto in Kamakura. The decisive battle across the river with very strong current began with the fight for the vanguard between Takatsuna Sasaki on Ikezuki (a fine horse) and Kagesue Kajiwara on Surusumi (a fine horse) , who were in the Yoshitsune’s troop.

Exploits on a battlefield assured samurai warriors of their promotion in those days. Takatsuna Sasaki, who won the fight for vanguard, has been depicted as a symbol of a strong man, who can win a race, among many Japanese-style painters since ancient times, since only being a spearhead and taking a cut head of a enemy general were regarded as rewards.

This piece is a kakejiku (hanging scroll) with a painting of the battle of vanguard at the Uji-gawa river by Kako Nakajima. Takatsuna Sakaki, who crossed the river bravely under a shower of enemys’ arrows, and Kagesue Kajikawa, crossing with a rueful countenance, are depicted splendidly with Kako’s delicate brushwork. The elaborate detail of Takatsuna’s armour draws our attention. This is an truly wonderful work.

Artist: Nakajima Nako

Born in Gifu
A Japanese-style painter
Received a prize in the Nitten exhibition.
Received a prize in the Nisshunten exhibition.
Received a prize in the In-ten exhibition.


Dimensions: 705mm x 1960mm
Principal Material: Silk 
Roller End Material: Red sandalwood 
Gross Weight: Appx. 2.5kg
Comes In: Paulownia Wooden Storage Box
Comes With: English Instructions on how to care

All artwork is hand-painted by real artists. Thus, even if we have some in stock or place an additional order for artwork, they are not duplicate and are not the same as the artwork on the catalog.

Product image for illustration purposes only. Mount fabrics and specification of the actual product may differ from the photo shown.

F016 Hanging Scroll

The item comes in a strong wooden box, and the whole package will be packed securely in a cardbord box.

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