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FOR HONOR 1/4 Scale KENSEI Samurai Statue

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Samurai Art Statue
Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
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FOR HONOR 1/4 scale Statue/Figure KENSEI
Limited Manufacture to 50 pcs worldwide

Brand new handcrafted polystone standing figure of the KENSEI from the video game "For Honor
Limited Manufacture to 50 pcs worldwide

For Honor is a 2017 action video game developed and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game allows players to play the roles of historical forms of soldiers and warriors, including knights, samurai, vikings and since October 2018 the Chinese Wu Lin, within a medieval setting, controlled using a third-person perspective. The game was developed primarily by Ubisoft Montreal and released worldwide in 2017.

The character Kensei are the living incarnations of Bushidō, the samurai way of the warrior, or as close as one can get. Masters of multiple martial arts, they are trained from infancy to fight and die for their emperor or their fellow samurai without asking why. Kensei wear heavy armor and fight with the nodachi, a longer version of the katana that cleaves enemies in a few elegant and powerful strikes. Kensei spend their lives fighting and training as they strive to attain a level of perfection few other warriors can ever hope to achieve.

Produced by a world premier polystone figure creater Art of Kenshin Japan, this item is molded faithfully with the texture of the iron kind of material which can be seen in the helmet part, whereas the real cloth feeling is seen in Jinbaori (battle surcoat). The armor and sword scratches, damage and dirt of the battlefield image in the costume is painted carefully by the one by one by skilfull artisans with painting techniques.


Dimensions: 1/4 scale (H) 60 cm (W) 34.5 cm x (B) 19cm
Principle Materials: Polystone, gold leaf
Net Weight: 12500 grams
Comes In: Secure cardboard Box
Comes With: Nameplate, English Instructions

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Research, Restoration and Provision of Sengoku Period Armors
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Our company aims to preserve the outstanding traditional skills of Japanese armor productions for future generations. Since its establishment, we have continually led the way in researching and recreating samurai warriors from the Sengoku Period. Our skillful artisans and the artists are group of professionals engaged in developing high accolades for its authentic reproduction of Sengoku period statues based on historical documents from the time. Each expertly work on different product manufacturing tasks such as molding, assembly, finishing, and painting. The final result is a product made of the highest quality.

We expertly work on original armor, helmets of Sengoku Period & Azuchi Momoyama Period, and Sengoku Period statues reflect the best of Japanese art and are well-received all over the world. We ship all of our products to overseas.

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