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Pair of Display Replica Sword Dragon Carving


Product#: DS-900
A Matching Set of Display Swords w/ DRAGON CARVINGS

Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
Completion Time: 5-7 days
We Ship WorldWide via EMS

A pair of beautiful matching replica samurai swords with ornate mountings. The blade is made of Zinc-Tin-Lead alloy, not forged steel, as this item is intended for only display. Handcrafted in Seki city where one of the most well-known sword smith and school has been located since 11th century. Even today Seki is the center of authentic samurai sword and kitchen knife market in Japan.  

*The stand is NOT INCLUDED.Fee Option )


Overall Length: 105cm & 70cm
Blade Material: Zinc-Tin-Lead alloy 
Blade Length: 71.5cm & 46cm
Tempered Line Pattern: Waved
Inscription: no signature
Rivet holes: 1
Inscription: no signature

KOSHIRAE Ornate Mountings 
Saya Scabbard: Black Glossy Magnolia wood w/ Dragon carving
Tsuba Hand Guard: Iron
Braid lacing on mountings :  Rayon Silk 


 Do You Need Only One Sword?
*Please contact us if you love to take only a large or short sword individually. 

Also Comes With:

Standard Sword Bags comes with each sword

Recommended Accessories:

Horizontal Double Hooked Sword Stand will be required to have both swords on display authentically.

This product will be proudly delivered to you by EMS

International Shipping Rate from JAPAN.
North America  ¥4200
Europe ¥4200
Oceania ¥4200
Asia ¥3000
JAPAN* ¥1200
Other Countries To Be Estimated 

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