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A Pair of Display Replica Sword GOLD BROWN


Product#: DS-200
A Matching Set of Display Swords

Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
Completion Time: 10-20 days
We Ship WorldWide via EMS

A pair of beautiful matching replica samurai swords with ornate mountings. The blade is made of Zinc-Tin-Lead alloy, not forged steel, as this item is intended for only display. Handcrafted in Seki city where one of the most well-known sword smith and school has been located since 11th century. Even today Seki is the center of authentic samurai sword and kitchen knife market in Japan.  

*The stand is NOT INCLUDED.Fee Option )


Overall Length: 105cm & 70cm
Blade Material: Zinc-Tin-Lead alloy 
Blade Length: 71.5cm & 46cm
Tempered Line Pattern: Waved
Inscription: no signature
Rivet holes: 1
Inscription: no signature

KOSHIRAE Ornate Mountings 
Saya Scabbard: Kincha Gold-Brown Glossy Magnolia wood
Tsuba Hand Guard: Iron
Braid lacing on mountings :  Rayon Silk


 Do You Need Only One Sword?
*Please contact us if you love to take only a large or short sword individually. 

Also Comes With:

Standard Sword Bags comes with each sword

Recommended Accessories:

Horizontal Double Hooked Sword Stand will be required to have both swords on display authentically.

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