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Masamune Iaito Sword


Product#: SW001
Iaito Practice/Display Sword
Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
Completion Time: 2-4 weeks 

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Goro Nyudo Masamune is, to this day, revered as Japan's greatest swordsmith. Active from 1288-1328 A.D., as the country transitioned from the Kamakura to the Nanbokucho Era, Masamune created the Soshu Style of swordmaking, and perfected the art of tempering. Coveted for their quality and beauty, every Masamune blade that still exists is considered a National Treasure of Japan.

This sword is modeled after one of Masamune's masterpieces. The length of the blade can be customized according to your height or skill level. It comes standard with a blue cotton handle braid and knot, but other colors and materials are available, if desired. Also, the white Same Kawa ray skin covering the Tsuka handle can be changed to Black. This sword is intended for non-cutting practice, as the blade is not sharpened.


  • Blade Pattern:   Notare (waved)
  • Tsuba Guard:  Nami Chidori
  • Fuchi/Kashira - Bamboo
  • Sageo & Tsukamaki braid lacings:  Black, Brown, Dark Blue


Overall Length:  101-107cm (40-42")
Weight (w/o sheath):  900 - 930g
Blade Length:   2.35 - 2.50 shaku
Blade Material:   Extra Reinforced Zinc-Tin-Lead alloy
Edge Style:   Non-edge (U shaped polish)
Tsuka Handle Skin:   Genuine Ray Skin (White or Black)
Tsuka Handle Length:   25cm (9 3/4")
Saya Scabbard:   Black Glossy Lacquered wood w/ urethane coating


Also Comes With:

Standard Sword Bag comes with free of charge

Samurai Store Exclusive!
Make Your Sword Special!
All shoppers can choose free options to make your sword one-in-a-million. You can choose: Blade Length, Braid Lacing Color, and Ray Skin Color to Complete your order!

Blade Length:
2.35, 2.40, 2.45 and 2.50 (shaku)
*We recommend "2.45" if you have no idea on how to determine the blade length. 

Lacing Color:
Black, Blue, Brown & Azuki
*We recommend "Blue" that goes well with this sword.


Ray Skin Color:

White or Black
*We recommend "white" 

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