Hanging Scroll Painting Dragon in Red - Kakejiku F010

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Original Painting
KAKEJIKU Zen Hanging Scroll
Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
Delivery Time: 5-10 days

Dragon In Red
Gensou Okuda was one of the most famous Japanese-style painters in the Showa Era. He named the red pigment “Gensou Red” after himself.

There is a painting of “Red Dragon” by Gensou Okuda on a ceiling in the Daishouin Temple, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. This is his representative work. Gensou Okuda’s wife, Tatsuko (literally “dragon’s child”), was a great-aunt of Mr. Washio, who is the chief priest of this temple. Gensou Okuda painted a red dragon inspired by her name, Tatsuko, for the 7th memorial of her death.

At that time, Gensou Okuda’s pupils painted flowers around the red dragon together. Tomo Katou was one of the those pupils, so he has a special feeling about this red dragon because he had a close relationship with Gensou Okuda.

The year 2012 was the year of the Dragon, which is the first year of the Dragon since Gensou Okuda’s death. Tomo Katou decided to paint a red dragon like Gensou’s, praying that his red dragon will ward off all evil spirits with its fiery red color.

This is that very painting of the red dragon. We can almost feel Tomo Katou’s various wishes from the depiction of the red dragon.

Artist: Kato Tomo

A member of the Nitten Exhibition
A disciple of Kibou Kodama and Gensou Okuda


Dimensions: 720mm x 1410mm
Principal Material: Japanese Paper 
Roller End Material: Crystalline Acrylic Resin 
Gross Weight: Appx. 2.5kg
Comes In: Paulownia Wooden Storage Box
Comes With: English Instructions on how to care

All artwork is hand-painted by real artists. Thus, even if we have some in stock or place an additional order for artwork, they are not duplicate and are not the same as the artwork on the catalog.

Product image for illustration purposes only. Mount fabrics and specification of the actual product may differ from the photo shown.

F010 Hanging Scroll

The item comes in a strong wooden box, and the whole package will be packed securely in a cardbord box.

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