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(Ready-To-Ship) G701 O-Yoroi Samurai Armor XXL

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Size: XXL

Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
Delivery Time: 6-12 days

Special Crafted O-YOROI
This is ready-to-ship Special Crafted suit of armor and a size XXL.
Special designed to fit adults up to 185cm height, with up to 145cm chests and waist. This covers many persons with various measurements.

This suit’s body armor is constructed by hand, using multiple iron pieces, beautiful lacings and elaborately crafted chainmail. Featuring the very beautiful rivetted helmet that is comprised of 16 separate iron plates, each with its own specific beautiful proportions. When joined, they result in the perfectly formed kabuto seen here. The cuirass (body armor) is hand-finished with multiple iron pieces, deer leather and beautiful luxurious dark blue and red braid lacings. This Yoroi armor comes with all parts and accessories listed in the charts below. This set is already finished without any crests but if you'd prefer one Japanese family crest can be added to the storage box for free. You can choose your favorite samurai crest from our list.

Principle parts of this set are made of iron.

  • Helmet Bowl
  • Header Board Brass Shikami monster
  • Face Mask
  • Body Armor iron and deer leather
  • Shoulder Guards
  • Tasset
  • Shin Guards
  • Thigh Guard Apron

Also Comes With:
Your armor will also come in a black lacquered wooden storage box that doubles as a beautiful Armor Stand for you to proudly display your armor, along with the wooden stand to have the armor stay sitting straight up on the box.

Product Dimensions:
Head Circumference: 63cm
Head Height: 13cm
Chest Circumference: 145cm

Display Size: Appx. H 170cm x 100cm x 90cm

Made In Japan

What makes our armors special
Family Crest
A number of traditional Japanese family crests can be added to your armor's storage box for free. You can choose your favorite samurai crest from our list.
Samurai Crest List
Samurai Crest List

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We at Samurai Store, Inc. know that true Samurai fans could never be satisfied with the inferior, mass-produced armors that come out of many parts of the world. That is why we only offer authentic, life-sized, wearable Samurai armours and helmets that are 100% handcrafted in Japan by skilled craftsmen.100% Handcrafted in Japan by the world's preeminent Samurai Armor manufacturer. Each suit of armor is modeled after examples found in museums, private collections, temples, shrines, hidden storehouses of Samurai clans and other historical sources. All pieces are painstakingly handcrafted by experienced artisans, using authentic methods and materials.

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