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Black Lacquered Suit of Armor "Takuboku"

Item Code: L072-TOKYO1 
Location: Japan
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Product Description

Life Size Iron Suit of Armor
100% Handcrafted in JAPAN
Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN

We are excited to offer you this brand new, in-stock set of authentic Samurai Armor, handcrafted in Japan by the skilled artisans of Marutake. Featuring the stunning preach-shaped Momonari helmet, this Yoroi makes an elegant piece to wear or display. This suit's body armor is constructed by hand, using multiple iron pieces, beautiful lacing and elaborately crafted chainmail. This Yoroi armor comes with all parts and accessories listed in the charts below, and can be worn.

 Principle parts of this set are made of iron.

  • Helmet Bowl
  • Header Board
  • Body Armor 
  • Shoulder Guards 
  • Tasset
  • Shin Guards
  • Thigh Guard Apron 
  • English/Japanese Assembly Instructions 

Also Comes With:
Your armor will also come in a black lacquered wooden storage box that doubles as a beautiful Armor Stand for you to proudly display your armor, along with the wooden stand to have the armor stay sitting straight up on the box.

Product Dimensions:
H180cm, W56cm & D50cm (displayed)
H55cm, W45cm & D42cm (boxed)
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This Product: L072-TOKYO1 Takuboku Armor (In-Stock)