Hanging Scroll Brave Tiger by Saito Suiko - Kakejiku F002

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KAKEJIKU Zen Hanging Scroll
Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
Delivery Time: 5-10 days

The Brave Tiger
A tiger is said to make 8,000km round trip in one day. Old Japanese people worshiped a tiger for its vitality and pray for it. A tiger casts sharp eyes all around to get rid of disasters or any bad luck. This is why Japanese people loves to have a tiger’s paintings, scroll or statue in their houses.

Artist: Saito Suiko

Born in Tokushima pref. Master: Tsunetomi Kitano
A special member of the Nihon Bijutsuin
Won the prize 6 times at the Nihon Bijutsuin exhibition.
Speciality: figure, koi fish


Dimensions: 720mm x 1900mm
Principal Material: Silk 
Roller End Material: Ceramic 
Gross Weight: Appx. 2.5kg
Comes In: Paulownia Wooden Storage Box
Comes With: English Instructions on how to care

All artwork is hand-painted by real artists. Thus, even if we have some in stock or place an additional order for artwork, they are not duplicate and are not the same as the artwork on the catalog.

Product image for illustration purposes only. Mount fabrics and specification of the actual product may differ from the photo shown.

F002 kakejiku

The item comes in a strong wooden box, and the whole package will be packed securely in a cardbord box.

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