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Item# T1034
Antique Katana sword in ornate mountings 
Swordsmith: KIYOMITSU

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A complete set of antique Katana long sword and ornate mounting. Registered as "Special Preservation Sword" by NBTHK (Japan Sword Preservation Society). Very beautiful antique real sword handcrafted in early or mid Edo period (1600-1700's). This katana is categorized as Shinto (new sword period in 1530 to 1860's) when many beautiful blades have been created in all over Japan. The inscription of the smith name KIYOMITSU is engraved on tang. Kiyomitsu is one of the renowned smith family in Shinto period. See the breathtaking tempered waved pattern on the blade. The blade comes in also an antique ornate mounting in excellent condition including a stunning hand guard.

The blade comes with a Certificate of NBTHK Japan Sword Preservation Society - Tokubetu Hozon (Special Preservation)

Blade Specifications:
Blade Material : Authentic Forged & Polished Steel Blade
Inscription : Smith Name
Swordsmith : KIYOMITSU
Age : Early-mid Edo period(1600-1700's)
Tempered Line Pattern : GUNOME irregular Zigzag
Blade Length: 70.6cm
Curvature (Sori):1.2cm
Rivet Holes: 2

KOSHIRAE Ornate Mountings:
Tsuba Hand guard: arabesque Design
Samekawa Ray Skin: White
Tsukamaki Handle Wrapping: Silk
Fuchi Pommel: 
Kashira Pommel at base: 
Saya scabbard:  Black Urushi Matte finish
Menuki Hilt Ornament:  

Also Comes With:

Standard Sword Bag

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