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Statue - Date Masamune Warlord Samurai Standing Figure KT11

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Samurai Art Statue
Produced by: Samurai Store, Inc. JAPAN
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Date Masamune Standing Figure

Brand New handcrafted polystone statue of the warlord Date Masamune.
Limited Manufacture to 50 pcs worldwide

Oshu largest feudal lord- the young image of the military commander (Date Masamune) Date Masamune was also a legendary warrior and leader. Date Masamune was solidified in the battle since his early young age. The artist, Unnou Souhaku, carefully researched about the armor costumes with the collection of materials available in the Sendai city. Every details of the armor is carefully designed and the concept of the warriors has been reflected in its production.

At the early age of 18, Date Masamune became the successful daimyo and was Noshiagari in Oshu largest feudal lords. Date Masamune for the most part served the Tokugawa and Toyotomi loyalty. He took part in Osaka campaigns, (the summer campaign of the siege of Osaka) and contributed to the victory, we continue to maintain without disturbing the camp in a state of confusion. After conducting extensive research on the Sengoku period, Kensin Co., LTD® is proud to present this statue of Date Masamune. This original pose is our interpretation of how he expressed his life throughout the Sengoku Period.

The production of a statue is much more advanced and complicated than making something in two-dimension. The reproduction work needed, such as precise assembly, finish and painting is much, and requires excellent techniques and a lot of time. Every parts of the armor is finished by a craftsman's own hand. The production requires plenty of time and of course the expert techniques of the craftsmen in our factory. The historical research about the armor is done properly and helps to create an accurate and authentic sculpture. With all the techniques and skills used to reproduce this item, the final result is a work of art that is highly valuable, rare and unique.


Dimensions: W32cm ×D30cm ×H51cm (w/ base)
Principle Materials: Polystone, gold leaf
Gross Weight: 3K grams
Comes In: Secure cardboard Box
Comes With: Nameplate, English Instructions

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Research, Restoration and Provision of Sengoku Period Armors
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Our company aims to preserve the outstanding traditional skills of Japanese armor productions for future generations. Since its establishment, we have continually led the way in researching and recreating samurai warriors from the Sengoku Period. Our skillful artisans and the artists are group of professionals engaged in developing high accolades for its authentic reproduction of Sengoku period statues based on historical documents from the time. Each expertly work on different product manufacturing tasks such as molding, assembly, finishing, and painting. The final result is a product made of the highest quality.

We expertly work on original armor, helmets of Sengoku Period & Azuchi Momoyama Period, and Sengoku Period statues reflect the best of Japanese art and are well-received all over the world. We ship all of our products to overseas.

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